Black Hills Information Security

As a leader in the information security industry we pride ourselves on creating specialized, innovative, cost effective security solutions tailored to your business. Our team provides on-point solutions to small and large organizations alike - including Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, health care providers, and government agencies including some classified programs.

Security is an ongoing process and we strive to foster and support those processes in your organization. We pay special attention to the specific security needs of your company and we are proud to include what we feel is the cornerstone of our process: training your employees to protect themselves.

Research and training are something we feel are so important we dedicate a large amount of time to contributing to the knowledge of the entire security community. We have started a number of open source projects and we are part of a popular weekly podcast on the topic of security which provide monthly webcasts on late-breaking computer attack vectors. Our team frequently presents at conferences in addition to teaching for the SANS Institute at various locations. Visit our Events page for more details and a schedule of upcoming events.