A few of our recent webcasts.

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Log File Frequency Analysis with Python

How to Attack-n-Crack Wi-Fi

Two Covert C2 Channels

Insurance & Ransomeware, like Chocolate & Peanut Butter

RITA: Real Intelligent Threat Analysis

Windows Memory Forensics

Live Forensics & Memory Analysis

Sacred Cash Cow Tipping: Bypassing AV 2016 edition

Demo of Domain Password Audit Tool

How Threat Intelligence Can Go Wrong

Threat Hunting Using Open Source Software Bro Part 1

Exchange and OWA attacks – Step by Step

C2 & Pivot Webcast

New Security Team Bootcamp

Internal Pivot Pentest Go Kit

OWASP RI! Talking with the C-O level

New & Improved Ransomware

Compliance Survival Guide: A post apocalyptic love story