We’re very active in the InfoSec community, speaking and presenting at conferences all over the world. ┬áHere are a few of our highlights.

Beau Bullock & Derek Banks @ BsidesTampa: Red Team Apocalypse

Derek Banks & Troy Wojewoda @ RVAsec: Analysis of Red Team Attacks by Blue Team

Beau Bullock & Derek Banks @ Bsides Tampa: Build Your Own Physical Pentesting Go Bag

Brian King at PyOhio - Using Python to Spy on Your Friends: Recon-ng and Open Source Intelligence

Sally Vandeven & David Fletcher @ GrrCon: Red Team vs. Blue Team

John Strand: Pentesting Trends

Beau Bullock: Keynote at BSides Orlando

John Strand: How to Not Suck at Pentesting

Beau Bullock: Pentest Apocalypse