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If you haven’t listened to it yet, check out John Strand’s (Owner & Founder) Darknet Diaries Episode – 67: THE BIG HOUSE, https://darknetdiaries.com/episode/67/


How-To Videos:

Getting Started with Wireshark
  • w/ John Strand
  • 7 minutes

Getting Started with Basic Google Searches for Reconnaissance
  • w/ John Strand
  • 5 minutes

Getting Started with TCPDump
  • w/ John Strand
  • 7 minutes

Educational Webcasts:

Your 5 Year Path: Success in Infosec
  • w/ John Strand
  • 50 minutes

Attack Tactics 5: Zero to Hero Attack
  • w/ Jordan Drysdale & Kent Ickler
  • 60 minutes

How to Job Hunt like a Hacker – How to use the hacker mindset to find the work you want to do
  • w/ Jason Blanchard @BanjoCrashland
  • 60 minutes

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