New from BHIS, the ANTISOCTM is just what it sounds like – a red team operations center. Based on customer and tester feedback, we created this offering to expand upon the traditional point-in-time penetration test.


Follow the Threats

Attacker techniques are constantly evolving. ANTISOC™ operators work to emulate recently disclosed attacks against our customers, reporting their success or failure.

Expanded Timelines

More time means we can pursue attacks that are not feasible during traditional short-term engagements and lay low when identified by defenders.

Tailored Fit

ANTISOCTM is built with open scoping in mind, but rules of engagement are defined on a per-customer basis.

Reworked Reporting

Reports are delivered in real-time via a ticketing system, combined with quarterly debrief presentations detailing overall risk, findings, and detection metrics.


Initial Access Attempts
  • Reconnaissance
  • Password Guessing
  • Web Application Exploitation
  • Phishing
  • N-day Exploits

Assumed Compromise
  • Valid Accounts
  • Trusted Agent Execution
  • Deploy Drop Device/ Implant VM
  • Cloud Attacks (i.e key disclosure, illicit consent grants)

Post Exploitation
  • Information Gathering
  • Lateral Movement
  • Privilege Elevation
  • Pursue Pre-defined Goals

Purple Team
  • Collaborative Meetings
  • Overt Testing
  • Build Detections
  • Re-execute Previous Attacks

Continuous Activities:

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Tool Development
  • Data Breach Analysis
  • Training
  • Your ideas here, we take requests!

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