Incident Response

So, you’ve been breached?   

Discovering a breach of your organization’s computing systems can be a trying time. Let Black Hills Information Security help you respond to, remediate, and recover as quickly as possible from incidents ranging from ransomware to business email compromise to endpoint services and any other breach scenarios. 

BHIS has trained over 20,000 people over the years in the techniques and tactics involved with Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), which can be one of the most difficult aspects of information security.  

Our industry experts will: 

  • Collaborate with your team to fill in knowledge and skill gaps 
  • Perform collection and analysis of volatile digital evidence 
  • Analyze acquired artifacts to uncover initial and post-compromise activity 
  • Provide network threat hunting services for incident response, recovery, and monitoring, or as a proactive measure to discover undetected threats 
  • Offer strategic and tactical guidance on the development/tuning of incident response checklists and playbooks 
  • Conduct tabletop exercises to gauge your current incident response readiness level 

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