Blockchain Security

Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology that is being implemented in many projects both publicly and privately. The blockchain ecosystem is large, complex, and has many moving pieces. Some of these pieces include the underlying core blockchain software, smart contracts, wallets, mining farms, and exchanges. With each of these, security vulnerabilities are possible. At Black Hills Information Security (BHIS), our Blockchain Security assessments can help you find these issues. Blockchain Security services we offer include:

  • Smart Contract Audit: Discover vulnerabilities in smart contracts via both manual code review and automated techniques.
  • Blockchain Infrastructure Assessment: Organizations such as exchanges and mining farms are prone to a number of traditional vulnerabilities including software exploitation, weak passwords, system misconfigurations, and social engineering. Our Blockchain Infrastructure Assessment encompasses multiple pieces of your blockchain-based environment such as penetration testing of front-end web infrastructure, analysis of smart contract interactions, key storage, and assumed compromise of internal employee access.  
  • Wallet Software Assessment: Identify issues in the desktop client, mobile, or web-based wallet software.

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