Welcome to Backdoors & Breaches, an Incident Response Card Game, from Black Hills Information Security and Active Countermeasures. Backdoors & Breaches contains 52 unique cards to help you conduct incident response tabletop exercises and learn attack tactics, tools, and methods.

We’re excited for you to play and learn from the game!

Below you will find our directions on how to play, but we know you’ll hack and customize the deck of cards to fit your own needs for you and your team or students.

How To Play!



See Game-Play in Action:

52 Unique Cards:

  • (10) Initial Compromise
  • (7) Pivot and Escalate
  • (9) Persistence
  • (6) C2 and Exfil
  • (10) Procedures
  • (10) Injects

Example Cards:

It takes four cards to build an incident, one from each attack category.
(Initial Compromise, Pivot and Escalate, Persistence, and C2 and Exfil)
3,840 Incident Scenarios

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