Backdoors & Breaches: Incident Response Card Game


Looking for a way to make tabletop exercises more fun? Check out Backdoors & Breaches, a new Incident Response Card Game from Black Hills Information Security. Backdoors & Breaches will help you and your team understand the core components, procedures, and technology needed for working through an incident.  BnB provides all you need to develop the entire incident, from initial attack, to pivot and escalation, lateral movement and C2.

Our main goal in creating the Backdoors & Breaches card game is to provide you with a tool you can keep in your back pocket that will make it easy to set up an incident, work through the process, and get you more familiar with different attacks and defenses. 

How to get a pack?

  • If you represent an Educational Institution, click below to request (20) core packs for free for your students.
  • If you represent yourself, click below to find out how to order a core pack or 2, or 10. 

Stay vigilant. 

Questions? Contact deb @ blackhillsinfosec dot com