Podcast: Passwords: You Are the Weakest Link

Why are companies still recommending an 8-character password minimum? 

Passwords are some of the easiest targets for attackers, yet companies still allow weak passwords in their environment. Multiple service providers recommend 8-character minimum passwords based on outdated data. 

Download Slides: https://www.activecountermeasures.com/presentations

Originally recorded as a live webcast on December 5th, 2019

Presented by: Darin Roberts & CJ Cox

Because of newer attack methods and increased computing power, password minimums need to be increased to 15 characters to keep networks safe. 

On this BHIS Webcast, Darin & CJ discuss:

  • Current password policies: BHIS recommendations, Microsoft, Google, Apple, NIST
  • Why do we recommend 15 characters – brute force, password crack, LM Hash
  • Passphrase vs. password
  • Recommended password policy summary

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