PROMPT# Issue: Better Together

Coloring Contest Page
Download and print the page above for our coloring contest! Click HERE for rules and submission details.

– MetaCTF Caesar Cypher –
Test your new cybersecurity skills by completing an introductory, online, Capture-the-Flag competition from MetaCTF. Find the hidden codes in the zine to complete the first challenge, and unlock the rest (which are based on the comic in the zine)!

Antisyphon Poster
This printer-friendly version of our center pull-out poster for the Better Together issue is from Antisyphon and their recently launched On-Demand information security training courses. Collect them all!

If you’d like to receive the Zine in print format or if you have feedback or comments for the team, scan the QR code and fill out the form below!

Limited to 2,000 printed copies.