PROMPT# Issue: Choose Wisely

Coloring Contest Page:
Download and print the page above for our coloring contest! Click HERE for rules and submission details.
Escape Room Challenge:
The Escape Room Challenge requires you to complete the following QR code using picross. If you’re not familiar with picross or need a refresher, check out the rules HERE. It’s up to you to find the clues you need.

Download and print the sheet above to complete the puzzle and gain access to the Escape Room!
RITA Cheat Sheet:
Download this Real Intelligence Threat Analysis (RITA) Cheat Sheet — a quick reference guide to commonly used RITA commands and arguments. Additional RITA information and installation files can be found HERE.

If you’d like to receive the Zine in print format or if you have feedback or comments for the team, scan the QR code and fill out the form below!

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