SOC Issue of PROMPT#

Do you:

  • Work in an internal SOC?
  • Provide SOC services for clients?
  • Work at an MSP?
  • Do something like that and have a whole team of people you call colleagues and friends and would love to share a free #infosec zine with them?

Well, we’ve been making these zines and over 4,000 people have subscribed so far. People have shared their copies with friends at work… but what if you could just have enough for your whole team?!

We’re giving up to 10 copies of the SOC ISSUE of PROMPT# to you and your team for free. And we barely need any info from you. AND… we promise this information will only be used to tell you about more zine stuff in the future. The next issue after the SOC ISSUE will be about THREAT HUNTING, and if you sign up now, you’ll automatically keep getting future zines delivered to you!

We do our best to keep the zines focused on the tools, techniques, and procedures that will help you be better at your job. The ads are kept to an absolute minimum. We don’t get paid for them… we only put ads in for things we think are cool.

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So sign up below to let us know how many copies we should send your way!