Webcast: Pandemic Paradigm Shift: Remote Working is the New Normal

What does it mean to work from home across your corporate VPN?

What exactly is VPN?

Is your home office prepared?

How can you improve and better secure your home network?

Is your corporate network ready for the change in IT environment network access?

Join us to explore these topics, and describe some potential actions you can take to improve your home office and network environment.

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Download slides: https://www.activecountermeasures.com/presentations

0:00 – We’re Not In Normal Anymore

2:04 – Viral Pandemic Networking (VPN)

7:34 – Home Office Runner

11:16 – What’s Your Frequency, Kenneth?

17:17 – It’s Always DNS

19:12 – Secure The Perimeter

23:34 – Game Recognizes Game

27:55 – Master of Your Domain

43:36 – Solutions, Solutions, Solutions

47:20 – Remote Workers Unite! Individually In Your Own Homes!

51:10 – Questions and Answers

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