WEBCAST: A Powerful New Tool – PowerLine!

Brian Fehrman //

Running into environments where the use of PowerShell is being monitored or is just flat-out disabled?

Have you tried out the fantastic PowerOps framework but are wishing you could use something similar via Meterpreter, Empire, or other C2 channels?

Look no further! In this talk, Brian Fehrman talks about his new PowerLine framework. He overviews the tool, walks you through how to use it, shows you how you can add additional PowerShell scripts with little effort, and demonstrates just how powerful (all pun intended) this little program can be!

See Brian’s slides here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bvxt8v7d72tdpbr/WEBCAST_061517_slides_PowerLine.pptx?dl=0

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