BHIS PODCAST: Endpoint Security Got You Down? No PowerShell? No Problem.

Do your PowerShell scripts keep getting caught? Tired of dealing with EDRs & Windows Defender every time you need to pop a box? 

In this one-hour podcast, originally recorded as a live webcast, we introduce a somewhat new Red Team approach that we call BYOI (Bring Your Own Interpreter).

Download slides:

Turns out, by harnessing the powah of C# and the .NET framework you can embed entire interpreters inside of a C# binary. This allows you to dynamically access all of the .NET API from a scripting language of your choosing without going through Powershell in any way! 

We also cover some basic .NET and C# concepts in order to understand why this is possible and all the hype surrounding offensive C# tradecraft.

Additionally, we demo SILENTTRINITY, a post-exploitation tool we have developed that attempts to weaponize the BYOI concept *AND* dropped a pretty huge update for it live during the webcast!

This podcast was originally recorded on 2/14/2019 as a live webcast with our very own Marcello Salvati.

P.S — You can get SILENTTRINITY here:

Also, you can now register for our Cyber Deception class at Black Hat 2019 here:

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