BHIS Webcast: Blockchain and You! InfoSec Edition

Webcast – Recorded: 2/3/2019 w/ John Strand and Beau Bullock

Take a good look at Bitcoin right now… these are the unlucky ones. These are the unfortunate souls who jumped on another overinflated balloon. But, does this Bitcoin crash completely undermine all blockchain technologies?

Since Bitcoin is crashing and burning we figured it would be a good time to have a webcast on blockchain security issues and why blockchain still matters.  

Is it all hype? Is it all just a slow-motion train wreck? Why, exactly, should a security practitioner care? 

There are so many cool applications, and more than a few crazy, stupid applications.  With the crazy applications comes crazy security issues… beyond the 51% attack.

This webcast was recorded on 2/3/2019

We were joined by Beau Bullock, BHIS Tester, and host the Coinsec Podcast.

And no… we did not give investment advice. Please, please do not ask us what coin is the best to get a 1,000% return on investment in 12 months.  We all got enough of that crap over the holidays. That and fixing printers and fax machines.

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