Go Ahead, Make Our Day

Sally Vandeven & the BHIS Team //

ADVISORY: The techniques and tools referenced within this blog post may be outdated and do not apply to current situations. However, there is still potential for this blog entry to be used as an opportunity to learn and to possibly update or integrate into modern tools and techniques.

I was recently on an assessment where I was able to grab all the password hashes from the domain controller. When I extracted the hashes and saw that they were storing LANMAN hashes alongside the NTLM hashes I thought to myself …. Wow. I LOVE my job! There are many moments on pentests that you feel as giddy as that puppy….

 …. so I decided to ask the other BHIS testers the following question:

When you are on in internal or pivot test, what is something that really “makes your day”?

And here is what they replied:

If you look carefully at the above list, we like these things because they represent low-hanging fruit.  It lets us push the easy button. Now that might sound like pentesters are just inherently lazy but the truth is that our job is to mimic real attackers.  Attackers take the path of least resistance, which means starting with the obvious stuff: default passwords, guessable passwords, crackable passwords, hard-coded passwords, unpatched systems, cleartext sensitive data, etc.  If the easy stuff works and the attacker gets what s/he came for – game over.

If the customer’s up their game and fix the easy stuff it forces us to up our game as well or we will put ourselves out of business.

Challenge Accepted!

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