Hashcat 4.10 Cheat Sheet v 1.2018.1

Kent Ickler //

ADVISORY: The techniques and tools referenced within this blog post may be outdated and do not apply to current situations. However, there is still potential for this blog entry to be used as an opportunity to learn and to possibly update or integrate into modern tools and techniques.

It seemed like we were always cross-referencing the Hashcat Wiki or help file when working with Hashcat. We needed things like specific flags, hash examples, or command syntax.

We’ve generated a Hashcat Cheat Sheet for quick reference that may save you a bunch of time if you’re often reaching out to the Wiki or Helpfile.

We welcome feedback too, we want to give back to the InfoSec community.  If you have suggestions for this cheat sheet, let us know! @BHInfoSecurity

Take a look and keep it handy: 


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