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SILENTTRINITY (ST) is one of our favorite C2 tools at BHIS. It’s multiplayer, modern, and multiserver. The code has been revised significantly of late, especially the installation… and the instructions in the original blog I wrote are no longer accurate.

Also, please read the call to arms. Help and support for open source is needed.

We all know tools change, grow, and update over time…and blogs do not without intervention. At this point, the original blog on joyriding with ST is inaccurate. And, that’s okay. So, the following instruction set will provide the fastest path to getting the teamserver operational. The same instructions work for the SILENTTRINITY (ST) client (and CrackMapExec and other modernized Python tools). At a super high-level, you need a sane Python environment, 3.8+ is best, and the ST binary.

The steps are listed below, should be easy to follow, and took about 15 minutes to document. 

Step 1: Deploy your image (Digital Ocean shown below). 

Step 2: Check your Python version, it should be Python3.8.

Step 3: Navigate to the Github repo’s Actions tab here:

Step 4: Download latest.

Step 5: Unpack and execute (python3 st –port 81 password).

That’s it. The teamserver is up and running. 

Cheers and good luck out there. 

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