Running HashCat on Ubuntu 18.04 Server with 1080TI

Derrick Rauch and Kent Ickler // (Updated 3/22/2019)

First, to see what our build looks like, look here:

What’s next? Time for System Rebuild!

First, you need to decide whether you need encryption, LVM, RAID, multipath, network VLANs, or network interface bonding during the installation; if you need to reuse existing partitions on your installation disks. The reason I bring these up is the main Ubuntu image offered does not include these options, so be careful what one you download. Here is the link to the option that will have these:

Installing Ubuntu 18.04

Next, run through the Ubuntu installer (we are going to assume you already know how to do this). Note: there is no need to install any of the package options during the installation process.

Once the machine is running go ahead and log in.

Configure GPU Support

Then, you will blacklist Nouveau (generic Nvidia driver), as it conflicts with card-specific Nvidia drivers, with the following commands:

sudo bash -c "echo blacklist nouveau > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia-nouveau.conf"

sudo bash -c "echo options nouveau modeset=0 >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia-nouveau.conf"

sudo update-initramfs -u

sudo reboot

Now that the system is up and you are logged in again, add 32 bit headers for parts of the Nvidia driver setup:

sudo apt-get install make

sudo apt-get install gcc

We are now ready to install NVidia drivers!

Browse to site and enter info for your device:

Search and then click “download” then click “agree & download” (jeez, we were sure the first time NVidia)

If you are not on the local system you can right-click the ‘agree & download’ button and ‘copy link,’ then run the below command to download it(no quotes needed):

wget “pastelinkhere”

Now that you have your driver downloaded from the same directory it is located in, run the following cmd:

sudo  ./NVIDIA*.run

Accept all defaults during the Nvidia install and make sure that it is on YES for updating x config(xorg.conf).

Then you will reboot.

sudo reboot

Download & Install Hashcat

After it is back up, grab haschat from:

If no gui use: wget “Paste link here”

Once downloaded, unzip it.

P7zip -d hashcat*

Now you’re ready to run hashcat and start cracking! Well maybe…

Additional Considerations

With everything above, keep in mind hardware differences and length of use. For example, the 1080TI Founders edition GPUs have a 91C BIOS thermal throttle, but hashcat will stop at 90C causing it to thermal stop at times without using some additional switches with hashcat, so you may have to tweak settings depending on your setup.

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