Caitlin Cash first joined the Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) Content & Community team as a graphic design freelancer in December 2021. She joined full-time as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator in June 2022, working on the PROMPT# zine, creating t-shirts, and designing anything else thrown her way (she also goes to cons from time to time and likes talking to real people from the community). Caitlin previously worked as an animator on an Emmy Award-winning show, but upon seeking a career change, reached out to BHIS — “hey, I’m an artist learning about cyber security, your zine is cool, maybe we can work together?” — and the rest is history. Caitlin says the best part is the people and the stability: “Now I get to love to work, and love who I work with, AND leave work at the end of the day and go live my life outside of work. What a concept!” In that life outside of work, she enjoys curating her apartment’s dedicated snack bar (complete with mini fridge and movie-style popcorn maker), exploring Maryland (where she moved to join the C&C team), and enjoying beach days.