Gabriel Prud’homme joined Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) in 2022 as a full-time Security Analyst. Gabriel previously worked in the IT field for 15 years before transitioning to security as a Pentester for a large telecommunication company where he delivered internal, external, social engineering, and wifi security assessments for various industries. His curiosity and passion have driven him to acquire several certifications over the years. He is honored to be part of the BHIS team for their “doing the right thing and doing it right” philosophy. During his free time, he enjoys “taking the time” with his family, backpacking, and scuba diving.


OSEP: Offensive Security Experienced Penetration Tester

OSCP: Offensive Security Certified Pentester

PACES: Pentester Academy Certified Enterprise Security Specialist

CRTE: Pentester Academy Certified Red Team Expert

CRTP: Pentester Academy Certified Red Team Professional

CRTO: Zero-Point Security Certified Red Team Operator

CARTP: Pentester Academy Certified Azure Red Team Professional