Patterson Cake joined the Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) pirate ship in June of 2023 as a Security Analyst focusing primarily on detection engineering and digital forensics and incident response. He chose BHIS because, to paraphrase, “doing cool stuff with cool people” and “making the world a better/safer place” is exactly how he wants to spend his professional time and energy. It also helps that he has a bit of history with a couple of awesome folks that have been with BHIS for many moons. Prior to joining the team, Patterson helped build and lead a DFIR practice for an MSSP, worked as a senior security engineer for AWS Managed Services, and spent several years in enterprise cybersecurity, often healthcare related, focusing on intermingling offensive security and incident response in technical and leadership roles. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, which often involves motorcycles, outdoor sports, movies, and music.