Webcast: How to Build a Phishing Engagement – Coding TTP’s

Building a phishing engagement is hard. While the concept is straightforward, real-world execution is tricky. Being successful takes enormous amounts of up-front setup and knowledge in quickly evolving phishing tactics. While there is always a need to craft a custom email, the most considerable amount of work is setting up an infrastructure to make it all work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a playbook of how to set everything up to save time and prevent mistakes?

What if we coded this playbook so we could share this with others and modify our tactics when things change?

In this Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) webcast, we’re going to do just that. We will take a top-down look at how a phishing engagement is designed. Then we will work through coding this design, so we don’t have to keep building a phish. Lastly, we will touch on how to fly under the radar and how coding TTP’s help save time and guarantee accuracy.

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00:00 – FEATURE PRESENTATION: How to Build a Phishing Engagement – Coding TTP’s

01:06 – About Ralph May

01:58 – Disclaimers

03:19 – Overview

03:56 – Phishing is Hard

06:33 – Infrastructure

07:12 – Operational Security

08:39 – Designing a Phish

13:18 – Phishing Emails

15:48 – 1st Tool: EVILGINX2

17:30 – EVILGINX IOC’s

18:20 – 2nd Tool: GoPhish

19:08 – GoPhish IOC’s

20:52 – 3rd Tool: NGINX

22:08 – 4th Tool: Digital Ocean Cloud Provider

22:33 – 5th Tool: Mailgun Email Service

23:17 – 6th Tool: CDN-Azure

23:57 – Coding a Phish – 1st Tool: Ansible

26:33 – 2nd Tool: Terraform

29:01 – 3rd Tool: Docker

30:49 – Combining Ansible and Terraform

32:41 – Ansible Secrets

34:32 – DEMO: Executing a Phishing Engagement

42:40 – What’s Next

44:03 – QnA

57:08 – PostShow Banter™ — Ohs and Ahs

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