Webcast: How (we) Run a Virtual Conference and How You Can, Too

The team at Black Hills Information Security and Wild West Hackin’ Fest had to pivot from doing an in-person information security conference in San Diego to a 100% virtual conference with 6 days of notice. We had a little bit of experience doing a hybrid in-person/virtual conference in November 2019 (with 10 days’ notice).

The response from the 400+ attendees about the virtual conference was overwhelmingly positive. We did it and you can do it, too.

In this webcast, we discuss how it all happened, including how we ended our agreement with our venue. We talk about all the things we learned and what we’d do differently next time.

Join the Black Hills Information Security Discord discussion server — https://discord.gg/aHHh3u5

Slides for this webcast can be found here:https://www.blackhillsinfosec.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/SLIDES_HowWeRunVirtualConference.pdf

0:00 – Trust Us, We’re Not Experts

0:40 – Suddenly Virtual

3:15 – Venue Vámonos

11:58 – What Now?

18:58 – Let’s All Go To The Lobby (and have ourselves a chat) -LobbyCon/Discord

32:24 – A Stream of Logistics

43:29 – The Calm

46:07 – The Storm

51:48 – The End Credits Scene

56:40 – Any Questions?

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