Webcast: Kerberos & Attacks 101

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We’re really excited to have a close member of our BHIS extended family, Tim Medin from Red Siege InfoSec, here for a webcast on Kerberos & Attacks 101. Tim is the creator of Kerberoasting. Want to understand how Kerberos works? Would you like to understand modern Kerberos attacks? If so, then join Tim Medin as he walks you through how to attack Kerberos with ticket attacks and Kerberoasting. We’ll cover the basics of Kerberos authentication and then show you how the trust model can be exploited for persistence, pivoting, and privilege escalation.

0:00 – 45 Seconds of Banter

0:45 – The Creator Of Kerberosting

1:48 – What Is Kerberos?

4:49 – How It Works

9:23 – PAC: Privilege Attribute Certificate

12:27 – Service Ticket

14:12 – SPN : Service Principal Name

16:22 – Three Long Term Keys

23:39 – I Got A Golden Ticket

24:57 – Ticket Flow

27:49 – Skeleton Key

30:42 – Kerberoasting On an Open Firewall

33:23 – Extract and Crack

34:04 – Silver Ticket

35:25 – Insert Demo Here

37:24 – Cracking Tickets To Get You Out Of Server Jail

43:52 – Trollmode Engaged

45:24 – Pass-The-Ticket

46:05 – Over-Pass-The-Hash

46:37 – Wrap-Up

52:36 – We Have Some Questions

59:25 – 45 More Seconds of Banter

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