Webcast: Linux Command-Line Dojo II — Return Of The Sensei

Last month’s Linux webcast with Hal was a rousing success! He actually broke the record for the most live attendees on a Black Hills webcast. So, of course, we asked him to come back. The crowd in the Command Line Dojo was so large that some of the questions got lost in the shuffle. Sensei Hal returns with some entertaining answers to your most burning shell conundrums.

0:00 – System Requirements

3:26 – The Magic Of Sorts

7:04 – Once Again, Hal Pomeranz

13:38 – Random IP Addresses

20:03 – Find Program, Find Me A Program

38:56 – Search and Destroy! I Mean Execute

52:11 – The Haemer Hammer

1:03:18 – Any Last Words?

1:05:33 – Infosec Sad Plant

Hal’s previous Linux Webcast “Linux Command Line Dojo with Hal Pomeranz” is available now: https://youtu.be/-jNkjuWMFrk

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