Webcast: Linux Command Line Dojo with Hal Pomeranz

In this webcast, we have our friend Hal Pomeranz sharing his massive knowledge on Linux. If you’re new to Linux, or if you know it and just want to hear from Hal’s years of using and teaching all things Linux, then this is the webcast for you.

Download slides: http://www.deer-run.com/~hal/CLDojo.pdf

0:00 – Intro to Hal 9000

4:05 – It’s A UNIX System

7:34 – Who’s Trying Naughty URLS?

27:07 – Care About the Environment

48:24 – Questions & Answers

From Hal:

The Linux command-line is an amazingly powerful programming environment.

Mastering its functionality can make you enormously more productive.

Sensei Hal gives you critical insights into tackling difficult command-line challenges in this fast-paced and entertaining presentation.

Who is Hal? Hal Pomeranz is the Founder and Technical Lead of Deer Run Associates, a consulting company focusing on Computer Forensic Investigations and Information Security. He has spent more than twenty years providing pragmatic Information Technology and Security solutions for some of the world’s largest commercial, government, and academic institutions. An expert in the investigation of Linux/Unix systems, Hal has provided Computer Forensic investigative support for several high-profile cases to both law enforcement and commercial clients.

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