WEBCAST: Log File Frequency Analysis with Python

Joff Thyer //

Information Security professionals often have reason to analyze logs. Whether Red Team or Blue Team, there are countless times that you find yourself using “grep”, “tail”, “cut”, “sort”, “uniq”, and even “awk”! While these powerful UNIX methods take us far, there is always that time when you want more power! In this webcast, we discuss using Python regular expressions, and dictionaries to extract useful data for frequency analysis. If you want to learn even more about Python, join Joff for SEC573: Automating Information Security with Python at SANS Northern Virginia in Reston starting May 21st, 2017

You can view the slides alone here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ru4n3zhqf4r0le7/WEBCAST_050917_slides_LogAnalysisPythonWebCast.pdf?dl=0

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