Webcast: Uncovering Secrets and Simplifying Your Life with CyberChef

Information takes many forms. Some of these forms are easy to understand and others less so. Some are hardly even recognizable.

How do you know when you’ve found something interesting? When is that string of random-looking gibberish actually random gibberish and when is it something you can pick apart and make use of? What about that giant blob of text that may or may not have interesting parts inside it?

CyberChef – a free browser-based tool from GCHQ – is a great place to start. It knows about lots of different data formats and encoding rules and lets you string them together into recipes to help you pluck out just the parts you need. In this webcast, we’ll look at some of the ways CyberChef has helped make sense of confusing things, how it compares to other tools you may already know, and how you might make it part of your own adventures.


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00:00 – FEATURE PRESENTATION BEGINS: Uncovering Secrets and Simplifying your Life with CyberChef

02:03 – Secrets are Everywhere

06:45 – Landing on Mars

09:27 – CyberChef

10:59 – What is GCHQ?

12:31 – CyberChef is for 7-bit ASCII

14:06 – CyberChef is for Extracting Text from Screenshots

16:51 – CyberChef is for QR Codes

19:03 – CyberChef Recipes to Look For

19:51 – DEMO: Base64 Offsets

23:13 – DEMO: Process Several at Once (Fork)

24:57 – Code Tidy Has Its Own Section

25:43 – DEMO: Storing Recipes Locally

26:43 – DEMO: Extracting URLs

29:44 – DEMO: Extracting IP Addresses

31:18 – DEMO: Test Regular Expressions

33:21 – DEMO: Frequency Distribution

34:17 – DEMO: Converting Distance

36:51 – Followup Ideas

38:31 – DEMO: Using Break & Skip Buttons

39:56 – QnA

47:13 – LINK: https://www.antisyphontraining.com/modern-webapp-pentesting-w-bb-king/

48:31 – LINK: https://www.antisyphontraining.com/regular-expressions-your-new-lifestyle-w-joff-thyer/

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