Webcast World Tour: Arizona Cyber Warfare Range

This week we went down to Phoenix Arizona where we teamed up with the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range (AZCWR) for a great event at Grand Canyon University!

Black Hills Information Security feels passionate about giving back to the community by offering lots of free education. Our blog is a gold mine of tools, tips, tricks, techniques and ideas for pentesting, and red and blue teaming. We offer several webcasts a month with more in-depth ideas and topics about infosec; these also make a great library of videos on our YouTube channel. So it was a perfect fit for us to team up with the AZCWR that just opened to give people a community environment where they can learn about information security for free!

John came and delivered a passionate speech about why it’s important and valuable to continue fighting for what’s right and good in the world, even in the face of so much that goes wrong and is unfair. Afterwards, we had delicious poutine from American Poutine.

Thanks to everyone who came to this event, we might even have to make this an annual affair! Want us to come do a live webcast in your city? We’re planning the WEBCAST WORLD TOUR 2018, so let us know!

We’re working feverishly on the video and will have it ready on Monday so check back then!

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