The Wi-Fi Travel Kit v2 – Parts List Backtrack

Jordan Drysdale //

The Wi-Fi travel kit part one was popular enough that, back by demand, here are the specific parts, part numbers and links.

Pretty much everything on the list in the original post is available at the Hak5  team’s shop. Sure, Amazon is like 2% cheaper and Prime shipping is hard to argue with, but we definitely like to support these folks:

Wi-Fi Pineapple:

Alfa adapter (2.4 only):

TP-Link adapter also make the cut in a wireless travel kit:

This next item is worth discussing for a brief moment. The signal intensity on this bad boy can allow you to easily overwhelm the client wireless and roaming decisions. What I mean here is that if we look at the client RSSI algorithm and blast them with a high intensity SSID that matches the target network, the client has no choice mathematically except to jump over to our Wi-Fi. This antenna is a must have. Alfa Panel Antenna:

The Yagi. This thing is amazing and its transmission range is huge. Wandering through the SSIDs that lie just beyond the standard neighborhood wireless ecosystem is a frightening adventure.

It is wise to carry several of the small form factor adapters. The Pi’s board adapter can be used to run your hostapd configuration. The adapters can then be deployed as a remote management access point to the Kali build on the Pi.

Rubber Ducky, because you can steal Windows network and WLAN configurations:

Raspberry Pi3, go for the kit, because why not?

The TFT Monitor with HDMI works well for me. There are a ton of options for Pi based display, so definitely look around.×600-Display-Monitor-Raspberry/dp/B012ZRYDYY/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1488098931&sr=8-15&keywords=tft+monitor

Kali Linux for Raspberry Pi.

GPS Puck. This will allow you to geotag your wireless pcap data. Kismet and tcpdump will capture this GPS data if the puck is online.

This is a quick forum on the GPS Puck and Kali Linux

The next item continues our airspace investigations but in a slightly different radio spectrum. RFID cloning is fun

The Proxmark3 is the device I carry now, but it has been updated to be “more portable…”

The following solar battery packs are larger than a field expedient battery pack should be, but the charge capacity at 15000mAh is fantastic. This will run my Pi rig with an external antenna attached for 24+ hours.

For the more portable battery pack, this Anker is awesome.

That is it for now.

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