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As I was walking through the back to school display at the store the other day, I picked up a handy-dandy school supply list. Of course there were all the usual things: scissors, glue, notebooks, etc. but it made me wonder what would be on the “supply list” for someone just starting out in the infosec field. So I asked one of our testers, Jordan, to help create such a list!

For those of you who are starting a new chapter venturing into information security, here is your unofficial “official supply list.” And for anyone who’s been around this stuff for a while, what else would you add to this list? Make sure to tweet us ( )your suggestions! Please note that some of these may seem like they lean more to the “red team” or “blue team” side, but we believe they can be useful in both situations. Not sure how? Feel free to contact us to ask more questions.

Infosec Supply List 2018 (all items are not required, but they are highly recommended)


Blue Team Field Manual (BTFM):

Red Team Field Manual (RTFM):

Offensive Countermeasures:

Other Items

Cubicles & Compromises (IR Tabletop Game):

Bash Bunny:

Rubber Ducky:

Wifi Pineapple:

Alfa Wireless Adapter:

32GB USB drives:

TracFone for identity management:


Black Hoodie:

Writing utensils in photo above (black to match the hoodie, of course!):

BHIS Sticker: We try to go to several events each year. Make sure to stop by our booth, say hi and grab a sticker!

Ticket to Wild West Hackin’ Fest:

And don’t forget to check out these great resources:

30 Things to Get You Started:

The BHIS Blog is a trove of information:

John’s 5 year plan:

Our YouTube channel:

The BHIS podcasts:

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