Backdoors & Breaches – Tabletop Simulator Guide

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Backdoors & Breaches is now available as an official Workshop Mod for Tabletop Simulator!

Backdoors & Breaches (B&B) contains 52+ unique cards to help you conduct incident response tabletop exercises and learn attack tactics, tools, and methods. This post is a guide for getting a virtual B&B game going.

Note: New attack, defense. and inject cards will be added periodically.

This is a multi-step process, but it’s not difficult. Our mod is built with Tabletop Simulator (TTS) and is hosted on the TTS Workshop. TTS runs on the Steam Platform.

Note: this guide is designed for Windows users, but you can do the same on Mac or Linux. TTS and the B&B mod work on any platform. ​

​What you will learn from this guide:

  • How to install Steam
  • How to install Tabletop Simulator (TTS)
  • How to access the “Backdoors & Breaches” mod
  • Some gameplay basics to get you started

How to install Steam

​If you don’t already have Steam installed, that’s okay. It’s super easy to get and free to install. Head over to:

Now click “Install Steam” in the upper right-hand corner: ​

​On the next screen, click “Install Steam”:​

​Save the ‘SteamSetup.exe’ file, then run the installer. Select your language, choose an install location, and at the end click ‘Finish” to run Steam: ​

​At this point either sign in with a previously made account or click ‘CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT…’ to make a new account. Once your account is set up and you’re logged into Steam, then proceed to the next step.

​How to install Tabletop Simulator

From the main ‘Steam’ menu, search using the ‘search the store’ search box in the upper left for ‘Tabletop Simulator’. It should be the first result and will look like this: ​

​Now just ‘Add to Cart”, and after purchasing… ​(you will need to purchase TTS, but the B&B mod will be a free workshop subscription)

​…it will be added to your ‘LIBRARY’: ​

​Double-click it and then select ‘Play Tabletop Simulator’ to open TTS. (if you have a vr rig, this is also supported) ​

​Now you’re ready for the last step: ​

​How to access the “Backdoors & Breaches” mod

In your browser, head to:

Note: if that doesn’t work, you can also access the TTS Workshop directly and search ‘BHIS’ in the search box.

Click on ‘Subscribe’ at the bottom to add the B&B mod to your saved Workshop games: ​

You can now go back to Tabletop Simulator. Click on ‘CREATE’ to start a new game: ​

Select either ‘Singleplayer, Multiplayer or Hotseat’. Singleplayer will be just for you. Multiplayer allows you to host a game to play with other people who have Tabletop Simulator, and Hotseat allows you to play multiplayer with the same computer.

For this walkthrough, I’ll be selecting Singleplayer: ​

​From the ‘GAMES’ menu, we will then select ‘Workshop’: ​

​If you’re new to TTS, your ‘WORKSHOP’ menu should look like this: ​

If not, you can type ‘BHIS’ in the search box to filter the items.

Click on ‘BHIS Backdoors & Breaches’, then ‘Load’, and you’re in: ​

Some gameplay basics to get you started

Tabletop Simulator Knowledge Base – Controls & Movement

Tabletop Simulator Tutorial Series Part 1: Controls

Want to see the Backdoors & Breaches Tabletop Simulator in action?