BHIS’s 2nd Annual Infosecker’s* Gift-List

Sierra Ward with help from all //

Wow, another year, another Christmas and another chance to be totally stumped by what to get you favorite InfoSecker.

But fear not! We are here with another riveting installment of the BHIS Christmas Gift Guide/Our Tester Wish List! This is divided by price point more than topically… It’s a mish-mash.

Wondering what was on the list last year? Here that.


Stocking Stuffers

Cyber Attribution Dice – $10 (different colors available)

One of my favorite things on this list…. Remember that threat intelligence feed that John hates soooo much? Well we found a better solution, and way cheaper too – and JUST as accurate!  Ethan said it reminded him of ah, Blue Team, we <3 you it was a rough year! 

Screwdriver Pen – $6

So handy, so small, so perfect for stockings!

YubiKey $20 – $50

Did you NOT read Beau and Mike’s blog about hacking 2FA in Google? Do you even Yubikey, Brah?? Give them the gift of better security.


“PowerShell” Car charger – $10

Brilliant, hilarious and punny! Sadly, Amazon is out of stock but it can still be found on eBay.

Packet Squirrel ~$ 60

Christmas is for toys, what’s better than hacking toys? Really the testers say they’d love anything from Hak5, but the Packet Squirrel is new, ya know so get to manning-in-the-middle all those networks!

RFID blocking sleeves – $8

Jordan said, “Whoa! These are very cool.” I’ve come to learn that everyone is very paranoid, so playing to that hand with gifts is fitting. (Want something a little nicer? See the Ridge wallet below.)

Cable Organizer – $16 – because soooo many cords, wires and cables….

Circuit board tie clip – $17

You may not wear a tie every  day (or any day) but when you do, you can let your nerd shine through!

And apparently Beau really REALLY has a death wish, because he’s requesting this for the second year in a row:  Death Wish Coffee


Gifts <$50

Globe Ice Cube Molds – $9

BB asked how you get the ice so clear, answer: you boil it first. Seems weird, but it helps get all those teensy air bubbles out before freezing.


Solar battery packs – you know… for when the power grid is hacked.

These range in price, this one is only $17

Pocket wireless filehub thingyRAVPower FileHub Plus, Wireless Travel Router, SD Card Reader USB Portable Hard Drive Companion, DLNA NAS Sharing Media Streamer 6000mAh External Battery Pack, to be exact – $40 from Amazon

That title though…. I feel like I’m describing my Red Rider b.b. gun to Santa and I can’t even take a breath the title/feature list is so long!

Mouse with a spider inside – $23

Just to be clear, this is NOT my idea of a good time! But apparently people (like Jordan) think it’s hilarious and also awesome… <huge eye roll>

BB echoed my sentiments with this thought, “What the … why do you hate us, Jordan?”

To which Jordan replied, “Seriously, how do you not love this??????????????????”

And Ethan replied with:

Yes, Ethan, that IS What my desk would look like if I found that spider alive anywhere in my house!

Looking for a gift for new parents? Baby onesie – $16

Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit Includes 12 Circuit Learning Guide – $45 this really does look fun! 

Retro inspired keyboard – $26

These appear to be all the rage with millennialals these days. All of the jazzy old-fashionedness without the inability to delete.

Jackknife lock picks – $40 recommended by our keenest lock picker, Kelsey. Ethan also added, “I learned to pick with one similar to this and still have one.”

Rick & Morty Things – because everybody loves Rick and Morty (though the marketing dept. has never really understood why)… Out shopping the other day I saw tons of figurines and sets in the toy department (…also, is this REALLY a kids show??), so perhaps any of those? But why not the “official” coloring book?! -$11 (must be an Amazon best-seller for a reason!) InfoSec is stressful, coloring helps.

If you’re looking for something less creepy than the spider mouse, look no further than this color changing glowing water droplet. And it has a face so it also looks friendly.

Nightlight – $13

Or maybe you DO want it to be creepy. Ethan suggests pairing it with the spider mouse and with the help of some of the other toys having it make creepy sounds as well as change colors…. Hmmm… ideas abound.

Death Star Waffle Maker – $40

Nothing says Christmas morning, or for that matter, breakfast, like a death star waffle!

What would Christmas be without games? (I mean real games here, not kits to solder stuff) “What Do you Meme?” – $30 looks like Cards Against Humanity, or Apples to Apples, but with memes. Maybe it’s just my marketing love for funny gifs… (sooo many gifs!) Either way, I’ve added it to my own wish list.

Gifts $50-$100

Mikrotik portable router – for when you need to connect all the things with wires. ~$60

Magnetic card stripe writer – $70

More fun and games all Christmas vacation long!

Remember how I said Id never met anybody in this industry that wasn’t crazy paranoid? If you want something a little nicer than just the disposable sleeves how about an RFID blocking wallet? And not just any wallet, but also a stylish wallet! $65+ from The Ridge I’m digging this rose gold one (other colors available).

Gifts From $100+

Pocket Firewall

It’s 3″ x 2″ x 1″, it comes in red aluminum, and it’s got a TI ARM Cortex-A8 AM3352 CPU at 600 MHz, including crypto accelerator which is definitely something you want in your pocket.

Glyph 1TB SSD external drive. Ethan says, “I love this thing. It’s tiny and I can run VMs off of it.” -$400

Ethan suggests bluetooth headphones. “I have both ear buds and can headphones. It’s so nice not to constantly catch the cord on everything.” (Hey, nobody said just because we work in tech we’re early adopters!)

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones – $330

Christmas is a time to give gifts that nobody NEEDS, but everybody wants. These are especially great for the person in your life who travels all the time – so luxurious.

Too fancy for your blood? Costco has a Sony version for $200, and a generous return policy. (But you probably wont’ be returning)


Thoughts from BB King:

I’m calling it: 2018 will the the Year of Linux on the Des^w^w^w^w Software Defined Radio. Information is getting easier to find (did you hear about the SDR labs at WWHF?), and new hardware is getting more affordable.

Start with some study: The Field Expedient SDR books are a great introduction in three small volumes.

If you need a first SDR receiver, pick up this RTL-SDR kit for $26. This one is receive-only, but you should spend a lot of time receiving before you transmit anyhow. Don’t hose up the spectrum until you know what you’re doing.

Skip a night out and spend the savings on this. Then skip more nights out and play with your new toy. You’d rather stay in anyway, right?

But here’s why it’s the year of SDR: the LimeSDR Mini ships on 12/31/2017! The Mini compares favorably with the HackRF One on most (not all) tech specs, and it’s only $130 (vs $300 for the HackRF One). It’s tiny and promises some capabilities that normally cost a lot more.



Well there you have it kids. Stay safe out there on this Cyber Monday! And happy shopping!

This is not a sponsored post, and although we probably should get some pennies kicked our way from them, none of those links are affiliated. Cause you know, I may be in marketing but I try not to be too skeezy. You’re welcome and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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