Free Ticket to the Most Hands-on Infosec Con

For the entire month of June, we ran a contest on our Twitter with the grand prize being a free ticket to Wild West Hackin’ Fest!

We were quick to allow a BHIS sticker or a book in place of a t-shirt as well.

Before we get to the winner, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Wild West Hackin’ Fest, we’ll give you a quick overview:

WHO: Anyone interested in information security – from the n00bs to the pros!

WHERE: Deadwood, SD (Never been? It’s awesome!)

WHEN: Thursday & Friday, October 25-26

WHY: We want this conference to be the most hands-on, activity-driven con you’ve been to yet! Never worked with a JTAG? You will. Never done a single thing with Software Defined Radio? You will. We will be having an SDR village and a hardware hacking village, among some other great events. The skills you learn here will be directly applicable to your job immediately when you get back to work… or home. We listened to your feedback and this year we’re adding even more lab time, so you can go to as many talks as you can fit AND also do all the activities.

You can find out more information and even purchase your ticket here:


Now, for the winner…

Congrats Brian!!! And thank you to everyone who entered! Hopefully we’ll see you all at Wild West Hackin’ Fest this fall!