Lawrence’s List 070116

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Lawrence Hoffman

As I previously mentioned I’m on vacation this week and next. As I like to go for long cross-country drives I’ve not had much time to keep up with the news. Just to be sure we don’t break pace I’m still trying to talk a little about the things I did get a chance to read.

I love to see articles about fuzzing techniques. I found this article about windows font fuzzing an interesting read on my phone one night at a campground.

We’ve heard the stories of NSA backdooring a random number generator which was subsequently used by RSA in at least one of their more popular packages. This is an article sent over to me by Sally @sallyvdv. I really enjoyed reading this paper, though some of the mathematics involved may put some people off.

There’ll be another super short one next week, and then a return to full length reviews the week following.