We Have Built a Cyber Range!

John Strand //

Hello all!

I wanted to take a few moments and share what we have been up to in conjunction with MetaCTF.

We have built a cyber range!  


Yes, I know very well that this is not interesting.  However, there are a couple of things that are pretty neat about it.

First, it is free with every single WWHF training purchase.  

Please see a full list of our online training here:

We really hate it when training has labs that are awesome, but just while you are in class.  We also think there is a need to constantly be upgrading your skills.  And, this is a great way to do it.

Further, it gives you something to do when you hit PowerPoint burnout. 

Also, we are constantly adding new challenges to the range.  Here is our latest batch:

Finally, we are constantly adding new videos to the BHIS YouTube channel.  This is even cooler with the range because we are tying videos back to the range.  So, if you get stuck and need a hint, many of the challenges will tie back to a video explaining the concept in even more detail.  

Here are some examples: