Webcast: Durable vs. Ephemeral Threat Intel

In this Black Hills Information Security webcast John breakdowns why he hates threat intelligence… Again…

But, he breaks down some of the cool new projects that are focusing on durable threat intelligence. This is key because many intel feeds are nothing more than domains, hashes, and IP addresses. However, with durable threat intel, we see attack techniques that are highly effective, yet are not as easy to block.

For example, application allow listing abuse, connection profiles (RITA!), PowerShell encoding are all examples of detects you can use that are not specific to a point in time attack methodology.

John also shares some very cool open source projects that are approaching attacks in this way using ELK.

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Slides for this webcast can be found here: https://www.blackhillsinfosec.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/SLIDES_Durable_Ephemeral_Threat_Intel_Strand.pdf

0:00 – Be Excellent to Each Other

1:06 – Threat Intel: A Useless Rant

7:38 – Pyramid of Pain

10:55 – You Got Another String Coming

14:56 – Conversation With a Pompous John

19:10 – Hacking Ain’t Easy

22:21 – ATT&CK Bingoâ„¢

24:33 – Emulation for Iteration

27:35 – Some Open Source Tools

32:03 – Threat Emulation Warning

36:59 – MITRE Scorecard

45:49 – A Bit of Perspective

48:02 – DeTT&CT

48:48 – Sigma

52:29 – Atomic Threat Coverage

55:02 – PlumHound

55:39 – RITA

56:50 – Honeypots

58:21 – Question Time

1:07:52 – Breaking Down the Gates

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