Webcast: Firmware Enumeration Using Open Source Tools w/ Paul Asadoorian


In this Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) webcast, Paul will share free and open-source tools and techniques to evaluate the state of security on the firmware-based devices that live inside your devices, and servers., including:

* Utilities such as dmidecode, fwupd, dbxtool, and Chipsec to explore devices and firmware

* Enumerating and updating firmware within your system using LVFS (Linux Vendor Firmware Service)

* Enabling Secure Boot and its components (and keeping your DBX up-to-date using new functionality in LVFS!)

* Discovering Intel ME/AMT and associated vulnerabilities

* Using Chipsec to understand the permissions applied (or not applied) on your SPI flash chip

Paul Asadoorian (Podcast Personality at Security Weekly) works for Eclypsium as the Firmware Security Evangelist.

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