Webcast: Pretty Little Python Secrets – Episode 2 – Python Development & Packaging as Beautiful as a Poem

Have you ever tried packaging a Python library/app in order to upload it to the Python Package repository (Pypi)?

Not so straight forward is it? There’s a gazillion files you need (setup.py, Manifiest.ini, etc..) which all do different things. On top of that, there’s a decent amount of overhead to configure the necessary settings in order to expose any command line interface (CLI) tools your packaging. Additionally, you also need to manage dependencies, keep them in sync with your requirements.txt files and install third-party applications in order to upload them to Pypi. That’s after you even manage to setup a proper development environment and necessary virtual environments for your dependencies.

Ever wonder if there’s a simpler solution that takes care of everything for you?

In this Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) webcast, Marcello will show you how to make the entire Python development & packaging process as short and simple as a Haiku (https://python-poetry.org/). He’ll also show you the setup/workflow that he uses for all of his Python projects and throw in some pro tips along the way.

Missed the first episode? Check out Pretty Little Python Secrets—EP 1—Installing Python Tools/ Libraries the Right Way- Marcello Salvati — https://youtu.be/ieyRV9zQd2U

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0:00:00 – PreShow Banter™ — Everybody Leaves West Virginia

0:12:15 – FEATURE PRESENTATION: Making Python Packaging Haiku Simple

0:16:56 – Why and How to Package Python?

0:23:26 – What Are All These Files?

0:31:28 – How to Upload the Dang Thing

0:37:01 – Setup a Development Environment?

0:42:44 – Pipenv!

0:46:52 – Pipenb Solves, but Also Creates Problems

0:49:21 – Poetry Corner

0:58:11 – Cookiecutter Automation

1:01:53 – Questions!

1:08:00 – Porchetta

Recorded on October 29, 2020, Pretty Little Python Secrets Episode 2 Making Python Development & Packaging as Beautiful as a Poem | Marcello | 1-Hour

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