Webcast: What Can Docker Do for Me?

Are you tired of spinning up an entire OS in a VM just to run a tool? Have you ever struggled to install a program you needed? When was the last time you spent hours troubleshooting a complex install process or resolving dependency conflicts?

We’ve certainly experienced each of these problems ourselves. But since we learned to use Docker effectively we now look forward to trying out some arcane tool rather than dread getting it installed.

With Docker you can:

  • Load a fresh OS of your choosing with a simple command
  • Create a sandbox to avoid conflicting dependencies
  • Have a working install of your tool that is reproducible
  • Best of all, anyone can create and share their Docker creations so there’s a decent chance someone else has already done the work for you

In this webcast, we’ll take you through several scenarios where Docker can save you time and effort. You’ll be able to find and run many of the tools you currently use and prepare to tackle those you’ve put off trying due to their set up complexity.

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Slides for this webcast can be found here: https://www.blackhillsinfosec.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/SLIDES_WhatCanDockerDoForMe.pdf

00:00 – PreShow Banterâ„¢ – Push Button, Receive PDFs

02:16 – Deep Breaths with Ethan Robish

04:14 – The Docker Overview

06:24 – Docker, What Are You Good For?

08:39 – Installing Docker

12:50 – Docker Concepts

13:47 – Docker Image

14:44 – Dockerfile

16:16 – Docker Registry

17:55 – Docker Container

23:46 – Docker Use Cases

24:34 – Docker Distros

28:27 – Docker Size Comparison

29:46 – Docker Hub

33:17 – Docker Tags

40:19 – Docker Databases

40:42 – Docker Postgres

48:04 – Docker Postgres Client

58:20 – Docker All The Versions

59:33 – Docker Tools

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