Talkin’ About Infosec News – 3/3/2023

Story # 1: A Basic iPhone Feature Helps Criminals Steal Your Entire Digital Life

Story # 1b: Apple’s iPhone Passcode Problem: Thieves Can Ruin Your Entire Digital Life in Minutes | WSJ

Story # 2: Sensitive US military emails spill online

Story # 3: Fruit giant Dole suffers ransomware attack impacting operations

Story # 4: Well-hidden Mac cryptomining malware found in pirate copies of Final Cut Pro; expect more

Story # 5: AI Helps Crack NIST-Recommended Post-Quantum Encryption Algorithm

Story # 6: Snapchat launches ChatGPT integration, warns to not share your secrets

Story # 7: How I Broke Into a Bank Account With an AI-Generated Voice

Story # 8: Firms Who Pay Ransom Subsidise 10 New Attacks: Report

Story # 9: Valve set a trap to catch and ban 40,000 Dota 2 cheaters

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