Active Defense & Cyber Deception Training


Below are the instructions to get your system ready for class:

VMWare Workstation

First, you will need VMWare.  

Download and Eval

You can get it here:

The Eval version should be fine.  

If you are using a Mac, you can use Fusion:

Alternative: VirtualBox

You could use VirtualBox, but it fails about 25% of the time on either networking or USB support.  You will need USB Support.   

If you hate yourself, use VirtualBox.

Otherwise, use VMWare.  

BTW, we only officially support VMWare for class troubleshooting!


Next, you will need to download 7-Zip for your system. We use 7-Zip because it is the most consistent for decompressing large files.  

Below are some options:

  • 7-ZiP

  • 7-Zip support for Linux:

  • 7-Zip utility for Mac:

Class Virtual Machines


Next, you will need to download the class VMs:



When? NOW!

You will need both, it will take some time to get them downloaded.  Please start the process now…  

As in, right now.  

At this very moment.  Unless you are on a cell network.

Then, get to a solid network connection. Home?  A coffee shop parking lot? A closed motel parking lot? It does not matter.  Just someplace with a solid and fast internet.

Next, you will want to extract the .7z files to a directory on your system.  The exact process will change based on your system.  But, usually right-clicking and extracting the files with the 7-Zip tool you chose to install will do the trick.

Import Virtual Machines

Next, we need to get the VMs loaded in VMWare.  Remember, you will need both VMs for this class.

To do that, Open VMWare and then select File > Open > then navigate to where you downloaded the files:

This will start the VMWare Import process:

Click Import.

You may get a consistency error.  If you do, do not worry. Just select Retry or Try Again.  It should work.

You will need to do this for both the ADHD3 and the ADHD Windows system for the class.


Both VMs let you select a user at login, and all passwords are just ‘adhd’ (no quotes).



Should you have any issues, email [email protected]

Chat During Training & Webcasts

Join the BHIS Discord server for live discussions during the training and our webcasts:

All students of the paid class will be given a special role so they can access the private Discord channel. If you don’t have that yet, check your inbox for an email from us about it or reach out to [email protected]


John Strand