Webcast: How to Share Your Knowledge with Others


Have you ever seen a call for papers for a conference and thought to yourself that you’d like to submit a talk and then immediately thought, oh never mind?

Have you ever been asked to present internally at your organization and immediately recommended someone else to do it?

Was it because you didn’t know how to give a presentation, or because you were afraid of speaking in front of an audience, or because you didn’t know where to start?

This Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) presentation on giving presentations the way people like to hear presentations is based on Jason’s background as a video editor, storyteller, comedian, and content creator.

We dive into structure, delivery, and how your audience perceives every single word and image you share.

By the end of this most meta-presentation on presentations using science and stuff, you’ll be equipped with getting started sharing your knowledge with others in a way they will want to hear it.


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00:00 – FEATURE PRESENTATION: How to Share Your Knowledge With Others

55:28 – Q & A

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