Webcast: Infosec Mentoring | How to Find and Be a Mentor & Mentee


They say it “takes a village” to help raise a child… well, it also takes a village to help raise an infosec professional. With so many technologies, techniques, and tools and the need for soft-skills and the ability to navigate different types of relationships, we all need help. That’s where a formal mentor can be your guide into the unknown.

We ALL can benefit from being mentored and being a mentor.

In this live Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) webcast, we’ll discuss:
– How to know if you need a mentor
– How to find a mentor
– How to be a mentor
– How to be a mentee
– How to ask someone to be a mentor
– Multiple mentors
– Difference between mentors, friends, tutors, career counselors, etc.
– What to discuss during a mentoring session
– How to make the best use of everyone’s time
– When to end a mentoring relationship

Slides for this webcast can be found here: https://www.blackhillsinfosec.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/SLIDES_InfoSecMentoring_HowtoFindandBe.pdf

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0:00:00 – PreShow Banter™ – We’re There, Trust Us

0:07:33 – PreShow Banter™ – Trace Labs CTF

0:24:47 – FEATURE PRESENTATION: InfoSec Mentoring

0:28:23 – Mentors, the Fresh Maker™

0:30:27 – How To Find a Cult Leader, I Mean Mentor.

0:34:37 – B-Sides Orlando DEMO

0:42:17 – How To Be a Mentor

0:56:12 – How to Be A Mentee

1:03:42 – Your Moment of Self-Doubt

1:05:34 – Will You Be My Mentor?

1:11:56 – Reach Out

1:14:41 – Multiple Mentors

1:16:36 – Mentors, Friends, & Counselors

1:19:11 – You Discuss Me

1:20:29 – Time is Valuable

1:20:47 – This is the End

1:22:28 – End of Show Banter

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