Backdoors & Breaches LIVE – 4/28/2021

Join our Incident Master BanjoCrashland as we play another round of Backdoors & Breaches (B&B) session using our new Tabletop Simulator (TTS) version! If you have STEAM / TABLETOP SIMULATOR / BACKDOORS & BREACHES WORKSHOP, you can play using the same version of the game. https:/

Incident Master:

Jason Blanchard | BanjoCrashland


Matt Thomas | slegna

Richard Phung | p3hndrx

Maril Vernon | SheWhoHacks

Kaitlyn Wimberley | kadawi

Blake Regan | zer0cool

Ralph May | ralphte1

John Strand | strandjs

Our good friend Edward Miro wrote an extensive guide on how to install and use B&B on TTS. Check it out below!